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Mystery Shopping

You've seen the advertisements about mystery shopping and secret shopper jobs, but you don't have a clue about what it is that mystery shopper's do.  First of all mystery shopper jobs are real.  I got started after a former co-worker of mine told me she had been moonlighting as a mystery shopper.  She was having alot of fun and making money.  She emailed me the website addresses to some of the secret shopper companies she was working for and encouraged me to sign up.  I was a little skeptical, but I got over it and signed up with about twenty companies. 

The next day I began getting emails about secret shopping assignments in my area.  An assignment is a company that needs to be visited by a mystery shopper.  The mystery shopper discreetly takes notes about the establishment.  Is it clean? Are the bathrooms clean? Are the employees friendly and helpful? Did they say thank you or whatever catch phrase the corporate office told them to use?

The mystery shopper answers all of these questions and reports the back to the marketing agency via an online form.  The assignment usually has a deadline that needs to be met and secret shoppers are expected to meet these deadlines.  Sometimes the mystery shopper is expected to purchase something around $5.00 or less and fax a copy of the receipt back to the marketing agency as proof that the establishment was visited.  Any money spent is always reimbursed as well as a fee being paid for visiting the business.

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Second To None, Inc. · Provides customer satisfaction measurement and management programs to restaurants, retail stores and service providers. Site has listing of available jobs.

 A Closer Look, Inc. · A guest feedback company that specializes in serving restaurants, hotels, health clubs, spas, dental and medical businesses.

Ann Michaels & Associates, Ltd. · Mystery shoppers provide employee evaluations, telephone surveys, and employee target reporting

Ardent Services · Dine and mystery shop at fast food restaurants.

BestMark Mystery Shopping · Mystery shop at restaurants, retail stores, casinos, shopping malls, banks, and hotels.

Campus Consulting · College campus based shops ranging from bookstores, financial services and shopping.

IntelliShop · Mystery shopping, web site reviews, pricing surveys and audits.


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