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Ideas for Home Party Plan Games - Breaking the Ice

Posted on June 28, 2011 at 11:53 AM

Home demonstration parties are among some of the best ways an entrepreneurial spirit can extend a network. Getting potential clients to feel comfortable in their surroundings is only the first step though. If guests appear tentative, and they probably will at first, you will be thankful you took the time in between putting up decorations and preparing refreshments to think of ideas for home party plan games.


Icebreaker games can be used to provide or obtain information in a light-hearted manner. If your guests don't know one another, a game you can try is "Name and Number". This works by giving each guest an index card as they arrive at the house. Written on one side of the card is their name, while on the other, a number.


Guests are required to wear the card with the name-side showing and introduce themselves to as many people as they can. After a while, request that your guests turn their cards over so that only the number is shown. Everyone then gets a numbered piece of paper and has to fill in as many names as they can remember beside the corresponding number.


Some ideas for home party plan games can be just plain silly in order to get guests to loosen up. Whether or not you play this game depends on how uninhibited your guests are. In the game of "I Hate", guests write down the chore they hate the most, accompanied by two reasons for it. For example: "I hate making my bed, it takes ages and I can never get the sheets smooth enough." Then the fun twist to this exercise is that everyone will have to read their statement out, but they have to replace the chore in question with a totally out of context word like "sex". This is really fun!


You can also use party games to showcase whatever it is you are selling. As Helene Malmsio from the Free MLM Consultants Training website says, "Pass the parcel or a treasure hunt can be great fun. The winner gets to keep the product in question, or course. Just make sure to keep things light, informal and don't let the treasure hunt run on too long! Remember, your main attention is to get them to know about you and your products."


Ice breaking party games are commonly used at gatherings where not all the guests know one another. They provide entertainment and help total strangers find a common ground. This can also be a useful tool to close the gap between you and your guests.


When you first start out your home based business in Direct Sales it can be hard to keep coming up with Ideas for Home Party Plan Games. Your sponsors should be always available to help you come up with the party plan presentation and support you in your first few home demonstrations.


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