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Three Ways for Work at Home Moms to Find Home Life Balance

Posted on June 4, 2011 at 11:58 AM

Are you on the computer all night, every night? If this sound like you, then the chances are, we could call you a WAHM! In case you are thinking I have just insulted you by calling you a WAHM, I want to let you know that it stands for a Work At Home Mom.


Moms looking to work from home need to realize that it is just as hard, if not harder, to work from home than it is to work outside the home. When you go to your 'job' everyday, it is easy for your family to see that you are working. When you work from home, your family may not really consider you to be working. The amount of times you will probably get interrupted with questions and comments, many of them being completely unnecessary of course!


The children might be trying to interrupt you in order to get your attention - they didn't really need you to get up and get the DVD for them! This is why moms looking to work from home really need to balance out their time carefully, to make sure that the kids, and hubby, don't feel neglected. Moms looking to work from home need to find an appropriate way to make it clear to their families that they are indeed working, even if they are still at home. Work hours need to be work hours and rest time needs to be just that also.


Moms looking to work from home could consider some of the following points to assist them in maintaining a good balance.


Goals - set them and involve everyone when you do. Getting your family onside with your business is important so that they can understand and appreciate just how important your time is. You can even set the goals together as a family. One of my goals is to take my family on a holiday, so I enlisted the help of the children and we chose a destination. Now they know why I am working so hard and they also have a holiday to look forward to when we reach our goals.


Working hours - for Moms looking to work from home it is important to set working hours early on, so that you and your family get into a healthy habit. It will hopefully alleviate the countless interruptions - although, trust me, they will still happen from time to time, and you need to be aware of that. Perhaps you could develop an effective system where the family knows that after you have been working for a certain period of time, there may be a trip to the park.


Share - moms looking to work from home could think about sharing the business with family members. This of course would depend on the age of your children and their capabilities. If you have a school-aged child, you may be able to put them in charge of tidying up a pile of papers, or keeping pens and other stationary items in the correct spot. I actually gave my daughter, who is 10, some things to type on her computer. The key here is, I didn't really need them, but it kept her occupied and she thought she was helping me in my business. She actually felt a great deal of satisfaction from her efforts.


There are lots of little tips and tricks that you can do to make your business successful, and include every member of the family at the same time. It is important that you do, otherwise you will probably start to experience guilt and anxiety that you are not able to get everything done for everyone all the time.


Moms looking to work from home always need to keep their goal in mind. When it the going feels tough and you are not sure that you can continue, take some time out with your family, renew your thoughts and keep your goal clearly in both yours and your family's minds.


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