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Shaklee Products Review

Posted on May 25, 2011 at 9:00 AM

Let me say upfront that I am not a distributor for Shaklee products. But I do believe it is important for people to understand the products they may be selling within the Shaklee business and that they get this information from a third party observer.


As is the case with most "old school" MLM companies Shaklee is very product driven. It is a company that is well known for having a high standard in all their products. That being said, before you join the company as a distributor it is important to know a little bit about Shaklee products, whether you would be happy to promote them and whether you would use them yourself. In any MLM you must be passionate about your product and company or you are very unlikely to get anyone else to be interested.


Shaklee's mission is to provide healthier and more environmentally friendly products for people.

Nutrional Shaklee Products

Shaklee started as as nutritional supplement company, so there is still a big focus on nutrition within Shaklee's Product Range. The nutrition products range from sports drinks to vitamins, etc. They have a strong focus on health. For example their "Performance" sport drink has no sucrose, artificial sweeteners or caffeine.


Weightloss Shaklee Products

Shaklee's main weight loss products is the Cinch program. They claim that this product helps you lose fat and maintain muscle. As with nearly every weight loss program out there Shaklee has examples of people who have been wildly successful with it, but there are others out there who didn't see the same success.


Beauty Shaklee Products

The Shaklee beauty range is very in keeping with the brand. It focuses on vitamins for the skin. The idea is that if you are giving your skin the correct vitamins it can help maintain the health of the skin, thus making the user more beautiful. Undoubtedly, it is very important to use good skincare products and Shaklees focus on natural health and beauty puts it a step above your average beauty products.


Home Cleaning Shaklee Products

As with all Shaklee products the cleaning range is very "green". The focus has been to get the same cleaning power without the toxins and chemicals you might find in most household cleaners. As is the case with most green products, you are simply not going to get the same results as with your generic store bought cleaners. These days you can also find a lot of natural and chemical free products in your local supermarket that will be a lot cheaper.


Shaklee products focus on being "naturally safe, proven effective." As a distributor you have to remember that there must be a significant mark-up on products to provide enough profits for the company and the distributors. This means the products will be more expensive than their grocery store equivalents. If you are successful in your business and love the products this will not pose much of a problem, but as you are growing your business and using the products yourself this expense may prove to be difficult to manage.


Shaklee products definitely have a strong reputation, but as an older network marketing company Shaklee's training is very outdated and Shaklee reps are getting left behind in today's internet marketing world. Shaklee doesn't show their reps how to actually market Shaklee products, and there is very little help on growing your team. To learn how to market, create cashflow and leads for your Shaklee business visit the exclusive Shaklee Training Center from Network Marketing Expert Niamh Arthur.


Article Written by Niamh Arthur

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