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Start Your Own Work at Home Mom Affiliate Marketing Business?

Posted on December 19, 2016 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)

If you are interested in running an online home-based web business it’s very easy and cheap to start your own "work at home mom" business. One of the easiest ways to earn passive income is through starting a blog. If you don't know how to start check out our free step by step guide on how to start a blog. You can also find websites already made and only need for you to add affiliate products to them to make money. If you learn some internet marketing techniques and drive traffic to your new website more or less you can make at least a few hundred dollars per month or more. Most of affiliate website starter kits will also have some sort of internet marketing guide included. These guides give basic instruction on how to get started with driving traffic to your site. Reading other blogs online is another way to learn the latest internet marketing techniques. You can pay people on freelance job boards to drive traffic to your website as well if you need help. 


Naturally WAHM business model has many advantages over regular 9 to 5 rat race, from work schedule flexibility to not wasting time commuting every day, this alone should save you at least two hours each day that you can spend with your family. As I've already said you even do not have to spend a lot of money to start your own home business, especially if you compare it with traditional business models. For example if you decide to become an affiliate marketer many affiliate directories will provide many of the things you'll need for free. Free hosting and templates are available on sites like, or You can get a free sub-domain from them as well, but you have to pay for your own domain. You can write about the products on your free blog to help you promote the affiliate products.


Affiliate marketing as a business model for WAHM's has even more advantages, you do not have to deal with costumers or have anything to do with shipment or product creation. All you need to do is buy your own PC/MAC, provide your own internet connection and you're in business, naturally many moms already have all this so it's even easier to start. Once you decide to start your own WAHM business, you'll need to decide what product you want to promote, do you prefer health related products or technical stuff like HDTV's or cell phones. In most cases it smart to promote subscription based products so once you get a sale you go on receiving commission every month for as long as this person remains a costumer.


Fortunately today there are virtually millions of WAHM business programs you can choose from, try to choose an area you know something about or would like to find out more. However if you buy a pre made affiliate website then you will have to promote this niche, but since everything is already done for you that should not be a problem. Whatever path you choose spend a lot of time reviewing the programs available, and then select the one that you feel will work best for you. With all the new opportunities internet is providing us with starting your own WAHM business is now easier than ever before.


If you don't have a blog yet we recommend using Bluehost for your domain and hosting services. They have an easy one click install for your WordPress blog (a very easy user friendly web based blogging software). Find out how you can get hosting fees at a special low cost just for visiting this website today!



3 Things You Need to Know to Create Passive Income Streams

Posted on December 15, 2016 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Perhaps you have already seen that many social media tips are focusing on passive income. Passive income is the income obtained on a regular basis along with a little effort to sustain it. This does not denote that it doesn't take any effort to build it, as it certainly takes effort. In addition, it is not for everybody; however, if you have any interest in earning some income, which streams to your own bank account any time of the day, then you need to discover passive income.


Passive income is an excellent way to increase the income you receive coming in now, at the same time a way where you can begin your multiple sources of income. There are lots of tips on how to make a passive income, however, we are going to concentrate on three. Here are the tips you should consider if you are planning to build passive income:


Sell your digital items

The best thing about having different types of digital products is that once you put in the time making every item, they are done. List them for sale on sites like Ejunkie, Amazon and much more, as they are accessible 24/7. In addition, you can also sell your digital items off your own WordPress site through the plug-in Easy Digital Downloads.


Teach other people through live training and Webinars

Once you do these things live, then you can use the replays for the list building or maybe sell them on your online store.


Did you know that Webinars could be recorded along with Go To Meeting, Zoom and Google Hangouts and other webinar hosting platforms? Whichever direction you want to choose, the only key here is to get started. As time goes by, the number of items you acquired will add up.


Plus, you could also sell them separately in several places online or you could collect them all together and put everything you teach in one huge offer. This is exactly what some people do. They took all their courses and turned it into one huge academy. The result, they become a millionaire teaching other people on how to succeed in life and business.


Build and sell your own success

You will need a wealth of knowledge inside of you that lots of people can benefit from. It's the time you think about what you really know most about, what you prefer assisting others and transform it into a course.


Given that the competition is quite stiff these days, it is important that you stay active and always visible online. If you're in front of your target audience, remember that your competition will be as well. The best thing about social media is that it has the same opportunity playground. Whether you are massive in the industry or you are just a man starting out, you got the skills to be in front and center with creative thinking. With these passive income tips, for sure you learned something a lot that will help you generate more income.

Do you have any tips for generating passive income? Feel free to share them in the comments below.



How to Make a Full Time Income off Passive Income Streams

Posted on December 15, 2016 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

At the first look, passive income sounds great. You are sitting and dollars are flowing into your pockets. Unfortunately, you will always have to do something for your income. The question is how much time you will spend to achieve that. Let's look at the following example. You own one apartment and you rent it. You might say that renting it is a perfect example of a passive income without work on your side. However this is not entirely true. What if your tenants decide to go to Alaska? You will have to find another one. Therefore you should put some advertising. Also, you should talk with the potential tenants. What if your apartment needs some painting and fixing before renting? As you see, you will always work for your money but that work might not require 50 hours per week.

The benefit of passive income is in fact that after initial effort you will have to invest a little time occasionally. That means that you could try several passive income operations. Some of them may bring you a great success. Also, it is possible to run passive income operation, while working on your current job. On the other hand, you cannot work on two full time jobs at the same time. That means that you can try with only a limited number of full time jobs in your life time in order to achieve a financial success. Therefore, you can try much more passive income operations than full time jobs. Some of them might be a big success.

At the end, it is important to ask yourself "What will I do when I create a solid passive income?" Why is that answer important? Your motive to create a passive income might be to start doing something else. Then a logical questions arises "What stops me from doing that right now?". After all we all seek happiness, and work is one third of our lives (or one half of our wakeful life). Why not doing for work things we like the most?


Basic types of passive income


1. Buy and rent a property

The idea is to buy a real estate and rent it. If you pay it with cash then afterwards you will only have to maintain the property and collect the money from renting. Apart from the rent, the profit is generated through the appreciation of the property. Be aware that it is also possible for real estate prices to go down. In that case you might have a loss. Also, it is possible to use a mortgage. Then you have to balance a rent and a monthly mortgage payment. In ideal situation you might have a monthly positive income stream.


2. Vending machine

The idea behind this kind of income is to install a vending machine somewhere. This is not entirely passive, because you will have to "feed" your machines with stuff, but you will have to do this only occasionally (for example once a month). Of course, you will have to make a deal with the property owner where you install candy machines.


3. Create a web content and sell ads

If you have something to write about, and that appears to be popular, you could put it on the Internet and earn revenue through the ads. Topics could be cats, sports, movies, education, science, leisure ....


4. Sell on eBay

Find a reliable source of some cheap goods and sell it through the eBay. Your source could even do the delivery to your customers.


5. Write an eBook

Write an eBook about something in your area of expertise and sell it.


6. Write a book

Remember Harry Potter? J.K.Rowling was once a single mother living on welfare, and now she has one billion. It is unlikely that you can earn one billion, but the idea is to write a good book once, and earn a steady cash inflow afterwards.


7. Create a software product

This is quite similar to writing a book. Write a good software that people wants to use, and here is the steady income. You should probably maintain that software, but that is an excellent opportunity for selling even more of new versions of your software. That probably means that you should work, but you could also hire someone to do it for you.


8. Dividends and capital gains

Invest in a good company that pays it's dividends. If you invest 100$ in a stock today, and after a year its worth is $110 then you have earned $10 doing nothing. That is a capital gain and it is completely passive income. Warren Buffet has been doing this for more than 50 years.


9. Interest income

You could put your money into savings account or you could buy some CDs and earn an interest. For more options visit your bank. Visit other banks as well.


10. Royalties & patents, inventions, songs, photos

This is similar to the book writing. Being a good inventor, singer or photographer means that you could earn a little whenever someone use your inventions, songs or photos. Let's mention some examples: Edison, Madonna, Pitt.


11. Delegate your work to others and pay them less than you are paid.

Imagine that you work for $2000 per month. If you find someone to do your job for $1500, then you will earn $500 doing nothing. Of course, your employer might dislike this approach so be aware.


12. Create a product and sell it

A product could be anything from candies to the space shuttle. For the beginning I propose you to stay closer to the candies. It is not necessary to manage production by yourself. There is a lot of companies that could do that for you.

Are you earning passive income? Feel free to comment below and tell us how you're earning passive income.



Why You Need Passive Income and How to Get It!

Posted on December 15, 2016 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Making a passive income is beyond the average persons comprehension especially those that work from nine to five. They only know of one way to make money, work a certain number of hours and be rewarded for it proportionately. The rich on the other hand do not work for money, they have their money working for them and making a passive income. They spend their time and effort building systems and empires that will do the work for them. Long after they have built their empires and systems they will continue to receive income for the initial work that they performed. These systems and empires will keep earning them an income for the rest of their lives and beyond to their childrens lives. You must learn to work smarter and not necessarily harder if you want to have a passive income. For the average person this is a completely new approach to making money and creating a lifestyle that will take care of them and their families.


If you want to increase your freedom and independence then you must make a passive income. You must be able to maintain your lifestyle even if you're not working. The person working from nine to five has money concerns if he or she is unable to work and they have very little freedom or independence. Most people are drained emotionally from worrying about their money or the lack of it. Most family problems are in direct relationship to a family not having enough money.


How do you increase passive income in your life? Most people would say that this sounds too good to be true, financial freedom and making an income for the rest of your life. Getting a purpose and being hooked on it is the first step toward a passive income. Once you get a taste of receiving a recurring income month after month you will be hooked and it will encourage you to work on ways to increase your income until financial freedom is within your reach. One of the easiest ways to earn passive income is through starting a blog.  If you don't know how to start check out our free step by step guide on how to start a blog.  Of course there are other way to earn passive income.


Real estate is the most popular way of creating and increasing recurring income. To own a property and lease or rent it out you can continue to receive a passive income with only small maintenance expenses. Another way of earning a passive income is to invest large amounts or money and earn a return on your money. Unfortunately the average person does not have the amount of money needed to make these two systems work for them.


There is another way and that is to be the author, song writer or play-wright of the year. You could receive royalty on your book, song or play long after the work is done. The only problem with this method of receiving passive income is that you must be very talented and be willing to work tirelessly.


The alternative solution for the average person looking for an affordable way to receive passive income lies within the realm of the internet. With or without a business or a product you can turn to the internet to create a passive income through affiliate marketing. You can earn a commission on somebodys product that you like and are willing to promote. Large amounts of money is not needed, a minimum amount of time, and a basic knowledge of the internet is all thats needed to get started. By going at it gradually you can work your way into financial freedom and a very lucrative recurring income.


The internet is the ideal place for putting systems in place that will keep on bringing in the income for the work that you do once. Almost anything that you set up can be automated to run twenty four hours a day and it doesn't take all day to set them up. It only takes about a half hour to set them up and they bring in an income each and every month.


We can have the financial freedom and independence we desire if we will take the time to get started. The answer for you is out there on the internet and are available to you. You can make the choice to start making a passive income or stay with the nine to five concept. You can choose to work smarter or to work harder. The choice is yours. Increase your lifestyle for life choose passive income.


 If you don't have a blog yet we recommend using Bluehost for your domain and hosting services. They have an easy one click install for your WordPress blog (a very easy user friendly web based blogging software). Find out how you can get hosting fees at a special low cost just for visiting this website today!


How To Make $1000 a Month Blogging

Posted on December 15, 2016 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Would you like to earn $1000 a month blogging? Well, keep reading to find out some ways to make that much money and more by starting a blog.  There are two major types of business models that entrepreneurs use to make money blogging. The first and most common way to turn a blog into a profit making machine is to sell advertising to different companies and brands who want to reach that blog's readers. The second kind of money making blog is one that helps a single brand improve its image by creating positive associations between the blog and the product in the mind of consumers. Both kinds of blogs can make a lot of money, especially if the creator has a keen mind for marketing.

If you haven't started a blog yet you can find out step by step how to start a blog here.  If you are alreay blogging with the goal of selling advertising, there are two basic ways that you can go about recruiting sponsors who want to put ads on your site; you can let someone else do all of the legwork, or you can do the work yourself and keep all of the revenue. Within the first group, many people make money blogging by selling space through Google's AdSense program. The advantages of this program are numerous, as it requires very little effort on the part of the blogger or webmaster to begin raking in profits. However, most people discover that they make less money through this method than they had hoped that their blog would earn.

Selling advertising directly to companies who want to put banner ads or sponsored links on your blog can take quite a bit of time, but it is often fairly lucrative. If you have a lot of contacts in industries that are related to the topic of your blog, you may want to try to go this route. People who have a strong background in sales and are experienced at pitching proposals can make quite a bit of money by renting blog space to interested companies. The most serious problem with this model is that you often have to build quite a sizable readership before you can attract advertisers, which can mean that you have to do several months of work before you start to make money blogging.

As blogging becomes a more and more lucrative business, a lot of established companies are considering how they can get into the action. One way that companies are capitalizing on the blog movement is by having blogs that provide a kind of friendly face for their corporation. Often, a company will employ an established blogger to create a weblog designed specifically to appeal to that company's customers and to create positive associations with the brand in consumers' minds. More than one writer who never even dreamed that he or she could make money blogging has been approached by a company and offered quite a pretty penny for this kind of gig.

Are you earning $1000 or more a month blogging.  Please tell us what is working for you in the comments below

If you don't have a blog yet we recommend using Bluehost for your domain and hosting services. They have an easy one click install for your WordPress blog (a very easy user friendly web based blogging software). Find out how you can get hosting fees at a special low cost just for visiting this website today!

Passive Income: Make Money Selling Your Photos Online

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Do you think you have what it takes as a digital photographer to sell photos online? Do you think you can make money from your photography hobby? Most digital photographer hobbyists are now making money by selling photos to stock photography websites online. You can even earn more when you sell photos online to media outfits.

What is stock photography? It is the supply of high quality digital photos that can be used legally by media outfits and businesses to suit any purpose such as advertising collaterals. Nowadays, it is very common for businesses to use stock photo websites to find digital photos for their advertising. Some use it for magazines to complement articles with good quality stock images. Even graphic artists use it for their web design needs. This means a lot of savings as compared to hiring and paying the fees for professional photo services by a digital photographer.

What one needs is to become a member of this stock photography websites and upload stock photos that you think will sell online. Every time a buyer purchases one of your stock images, you get paid for commissions which are usually 50%-80% of the amount paid by the buyer. The commission varies and depends which stock photography website you sell your stock photos.

The usual fee is between 1 to 10 dollars for every sold stock photo or image. The selling price of each stock photo starts from a dollar to about 10 dollars and if there is a need for a special stock photo and there are less supply than the demand then the price per stock photo increases. When you think of the commission you get from each sale you feel that when you sell photos online it makes your images amount to nothing. But if you add up all the sales you get when you sell photos online each month, it can become a source of profit for your photography hobby and even become your full time income online.

Follow these tips if you want to sell photos online and make a profit from your photography hobby online:


1. Do research on these stock photography websites.

Try to register with the best and know stock photography websites to maximize your potential to earn if you sell photos online. The more stock photography websites you register the higher your chances for buyers to see your photos online. Be careful with choosing the category to submit your stock photo online, it may end up being rejected by the stock photography website.

Always make sure that you have full copyright of all the photos you sell online. It is to avoid claims and legal problems if another photographer make a claim on your stock photo.


2. Choosing the subject that sells.

Remember most of these images are used for advertising. Don't use your family as your subject. A good tip is to choose generic subjects such as common objects and places of travel which is a popular subject among buyers of stock images online. By doing research online, you will see which stock photos actually sell online. You can now recreate images based on a particularly popular subject.


3. A good digital camera.

It can be the difference of actually earning form selling photos online and being rejected by the stock photo website for not being able to produce high quality stock images to sell online. If you think you can earn from selling photos online invest on a good and high end digital camera. In the end the digital camera will pay for itself.

 Take thousands and thousands of frames to get the best possible stock photo from a particular subject. This will help you start making money and earn some profit from your photography hobby.


It comes natural to a digital photographer who loves photography to take a lot of frames anyways it is part of the whole experience.


Hope you learn something about making money selling photos online. Last tip to successfully sell photos online, you need to start shooting! Don't wait get started selling your photos to make money online now!

Do you sell your photos online too stock photography websites? Please tell us about your experience in the comment section below.





Top 3 Types of Info Products You Can Sell to Earn Passive Income

Posted on November 12, 2016 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)


One of the best ways of earning passive income online is to sell information products. What that means is that you are no longer swapping your time for money, the money comes in while you are 'passive' - hence the term "Passive income". The way it works is that you make or build your product once and put up a site on which to market it. Then the website does all the work for you, selling your product over and over again. What sort of income could you expect to make online selling information?


Well, you can do forecasts based on the industry averages to make a prediction of your potential. The industry average for selling downloadable products via a website is about 1%, that is 1 in every 100 people that visit the site will buy the product. So if you can get 200 people to visit your site each day, and 1% buys a product (say the price is $40) then at 2 sales each day, your site would average $80 per day, $560 per week which makes $2240 per month. Do you think you'd like an extra $2240 a month passive income?


Earning passive income of over $2000 a month would probably make quite a difference to most people's lifestyle, what about yours? Of course those numbers are based on only 200 visitors a day, what if you could get more? What if you could get 500 or 1000? Of course there are some products that will sell at a higher or lower conversion rate; however 1% is a good average to calculate your figures on.  Some people just set up one site and let it tick over without doing anything else, others will choose to duplicate the process over and over giving them the opportunity to leave their day jobs. Here are the top 3 types of Information products sold online:

1.  E-books  

With so many platforms that an amateur indie author can publish on such as Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble.  It's no doubt that selling ebooks online has become the top way of earning passive income online.  There are so many genre's to write about, however, if you are writing to market be sure to do your research first on what genre's sell best and how to market those e-books.

2. Online Courses 

Everyone wants to learn something new at one time or another and fortunately all of us have some knowledge that we can teach to others. That's the beauty of online courses.  Shorter than traditional school we can all become "teachers" by recording our information and selling it on websites like Udemy or Skillshare to earn passive income over and over everytime someone signs up to attend our online course.

3. Blogging

At first blog websites appear to be free, but if properly monetized your blog can bring in thousands of dollars a month of passive income.  There is alot of work on the front end setting up the blog, affiliate products, ad networks etc. However, after you set your weekly posting routine you can make money off of the blog with only a few hour of "work" posting each week.  This is a great opportunity to earn passive income for anyone who loves to write.

 Selling information online is a really great way to create a passive income for yourself.  Are you currently selling informationtion products?  Feel free to comment below about your experience selling information products.

Paid Online Surveys: Scam or Legit

Posted on August 22, 2016 at 6:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Have you heard about paid online surveys and wondered if it is a scam or legit?  I did too so, I signed up with a company a couple days ago, it was completely free to become a member and take paid online surveys, and they gave me a paid online survey offer immediately. They are a little different than most paid online survey sites, in the type of offers that they have available. None the less, don't let that discourage you because the payoff is worth it.


Here's how the process works, you go sign up to become a member (it's free), they will than give you a paid online survey offer, with the offer I was given I was required to sign up for a free trial with, evaluate their enrollment process, and look around their site. I then took a short questionnaire from Vindale Research; for this I made $10.00


The key here is that when you sign up for the free trial offer, you have a grace period to cancel your trial membership and your credit card will not be charged. On my offer it required me to keep my free trial membership for five days, but the trial was for 14 days so I have 9 days left to cancel my free trial membership and my credit card will not be charged.


I completed  2 paid online survey offers with two different companies in the same day, both offers combined took me about ten minutes to complete, and I made $20.00.  I am a member of a lot of paid online survey sites, and I got to say, this is one of the best.


Pros include:

1. They use PayPal

2. You get paid twice a month

3. The offers are very short and simple

4. They offer very high compensation compared to a lot of their competitors


Some cons are:

1. You must have a credit card to complete most trial offers.

That was my experience.  Try it for youself and see if you can make a quick $50 taking paid online surveys today.  Click here to sign up to get started for FREE! 



Four Steps to Success with Taking Paid Surveys

Posted on August 20, 2016 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Online paid surveys are the best option for those of us looking for jobs. You can easily earn a decent income provided you take the surveys seriously and not just for fun or as a time pass. To help you further, here are four main steps which would surely ensure you earn well from taking the legitimate surveys online.

1. Register with the best survey sites that are genuine

With the over crowded online survey market, consisting of paid database or the free ones available, it becomes tough to decide which ones to sign for and which would pay you the maximum. You need to join only those which are genuine and not scams, which only fill up your mail box with spam mails. There is a list of such top surveys sites available on the internet that have been in the business for a long time. These sites are reputed, trust worthy and well known. You need to find out such sites and register with them. This will ensure you do not waste your time, money and effort and are truly going to be paid for giving your opinion.

2. Register with as many well paying legitimate paid surveys as you can

Once you enter the online paid surveys jobs, you have to ensure that you keep getting loads of surveys in your mail box, for which you need to register with as many survey sites as you can. This would make sure that you earn a decent income, as most survey companies send their surveys 2-4 times a week or at times even lesser. You should target at getting anything between 10-15 surveys daily in your mail box. In order to earn well, take the help of the huge database providing the list of the top paid surveys sites to get started.

3. Chalk out a list of paid survey sites that you have registered with

You need to do this as some survey sites require you to log in into their sites to take the surveys while others would send you the surveys in your mail box, thus by keeping a list ready you would be more alert, sharp and organized in your working.

4. Create an email account separately for the paid surveys

If you have a separate email account it would help to keep your work up to date and manageable, as with so many surveys coming daily to your mail box, you would not have to hunt and separate them from the regular mails. You could even check the completed surveys from the ones not done.

With these simple steps, you could easily get started and see the money come right in.  To find out how you can get started making money from home with paid surveys today for FREE sign up here!


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Three Secrets to Taking Paid Surveys and Earning Easy Cash

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If you're in need of some easy cash, and who isn't right, there's no better way in my opinion than completing paid surveys.Now don't go getting excited, this isn't going to make you rich, but if you need a little extra cash for a holiday or to pay the bills, paid surveys could be the answer. They're easy to do, don't take up that much of your time and sometimes they can be fun to complete.  Before you get carried away and rush off to complete your first survey, here's some ground rules to stop you getting burned.

First, try to find a good paid survey aggregator site that compiles surveys from a number of different companies. This is because the high paying surveys, you know the ones you want to actually complete can be quite rare.  So you should aim to sign up with as many companies as possible, that way you should get at least two or three high paying surveys each week.

Second, always use a good email address.  I know its tempting to sign up to a paid survey site using a throwaway email address like Yahoo or Gmail and keep your personal email private; however you might miss out on being invited to a high paying survey, or being contacted about payment. 

Third, a lot of these paid survey sites will send you surveys on a daily basis, but you may not always want to complete them as they can be low paying. It's important to maximize your time and complete the high paying ones, but also complete some of the low paying ones as well.  They all add up together for a big payout!

That's the secret to making money with surveys. A lot of people will sign up to just one site and then complain they only received one survey and it only paid $5.  Don't be put off if the first surveys you receive are low paying ones. Just wait until one of the big boys lands in your inbox. Signing up for many sites maximizes the chances of this happening and using a dedicated email address prevents your normal email form becoming jammed with low paying survey offers.

Stick to these basic rules you should be able to make a few extra dollars each month. Some people earn a nice little extra income doing this in their spare time and save the money for a family holiday or special treat. Click here to find out how you can make a few hundred dollars extra each month from your home just completing paid surveys.  


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Want to Take Paid Surveys Online? Where are the Best Paying Sites?

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Everyone will attempt to take paid surveys online at one time or another. Many of these individuals will totally give up on them, though, because they don't believe the low payments are worth the trouble. The issue here is that most men and women don't know how to locate the better paying sites, but I figured it out, because there are tons of truly good paying places out there to take paid surveys online.

Let me begin by explaining why you might not be finding them lately. After that, I will give you the inside scoop on getting right to them, without any hiccups. It comes down to one very straight forward point of view: Search engines play too big of a role when the average individual looks for survey websites. Unless you are fine with the awful lists of penny paying, copy cat type places they throw your way, it's time to throw them to the curb. It's just an awful tool to use when looking to take paid surveys online.

Their lists have become so terrible lately and it's just getting worse, as more and more low payment places fly onto the web. This pushes all of the better paying websites out of the search results, where nobody can find them. Until now. They are still out there and I know the underground way to get right to them. You get to them by sliding into any big forum you can find. The bigger the forum, the more honest knowledge about the survey industry you can gather. The reason they work so well is because bigger forums tend to take real pride in not allowing spam and false information to sit in their topics. They delete all of it. When you want to take paid surveys online, honest information is an absolute must.

In addition to this, you can slide into their archive section, which is where topics about survey sites and the industry as a whole can be browsed through. Hundreds of these topics are stored here and many are pretty darn big and informative. All you need to do is set aside a couple of minutes to browse through a few of them. It's where guys and gals from all across the world have compared the various survey sites they've been a part of and the various amounts of money they are getting from them. If you want to take paid surveys online, nothing will work better than this sneaky method.

You can be one of the very few people who end up finding well over a dozen places to take paid surveys online for the most money possible.


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Paid Surveys Online - The Internet's Best Kept Secret

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Are you looking for a free and honest paid survey website? Unlike other research websites its free to join. I have been a member of this survey club for about 2 years now, and in that time I have received many invitations to take part in paid surveys. The first part of a paid survey is called a screener. This is where you answer a few simple questions, usually, name, age, where you live and a few more questions about the survey subject.


If you answer all these screener questions correctly and you fit the profile of the current survey, you will then be invited to take part in the full paying survey. The chances of making it through to a full survey is in my opinion 50/50. Almost all research companies ask you to fill in an in depth profile, to help them find out what kind of person you are, what you like and how many children you have. This then helps them send you surveys which fir to your profile. The more you fill in your profiles, the better chance you have of receiving surveys daily.


A normal survey will last anywhere from five to one hour, this usually depends on the subject. In the past I have received paid survey invitations on many subjects, from questions on the new Indiana Jones movie, to questions about names for new medicines. Most of the surveys pay cash, but some place your name in a monthly draw, for cash prizes or online retailer gift certificates. 


Membership is only open to residents of the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. This obviously is a restriction for some people, but almost every survey company only uses English as their main language. Membership requires a few details, name, age country of residence, gender and e-mail address.


Click here if your serious about trying paid surveys as a way of making extra cash,  This is a great starter website to get your head around how these types of websites work!




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