Part Time Work From Home Revolution

 It's time to stop living from paycheck to paycheck! 

The Part Time Work from Home Revolution

Like most of you I'm at my day job today, a regular desk job. Nothing exciting. For some of you it could be retail, restaurants, a classroom who knows, but I think you stumbled upon this website for the same reason that I created it.  Financial Freedom! 

 I'm not here to sell you a get rich quick scheme.  Truth is most of us can't afford to leave our day jobs anyway, but our day jobs still aren't paying us enough money to be able to do more than survive either. We need more money to live the kind of lives we deserve.  

Think about this... When's the last time you could afford to take a vacation, buy a really nice cell phone, get your nails done or buy your child that expensive video game they've been begging you to give them for months.  I know I'm not the only one struggling. Just getting by and surviving gets old. You've got to think outside the box to get that extra cash my friends and that is how the part time work from home revolution began. It's time for us to stop living from paycheck to paycheck!
Do you like to write? Are you good with details? Do you enjoy socializing?  Working from home may seem like hype, but I've been earning a part time income working from home for the last four years.  Like many of you I've always had to work two jobs.  Up until four years ago both of those jobs were outside of my home.  Although I still have a full time day job.  I no longer work in retail outside of my home for my part time income and I'm earning more working from home than I ever did working at the mall in the evenings and every weekend.  However, my income is not passive.  I provide services for my clients that I connect with online.  Out of all of the work from home opportunities out there these opportunities are the ones that you can really earn an income from if you are willing to work. One of these exciting part time work from home careers may be right for you. 
How can you make extra money? Try one or more of these 22 ideas. I realize some of them may be a bit on the extreme side but why not give them a try and start on the road to making some cash this weekend.